… is just the best part of every day.

Always so joyous and full of love, he makes me smile a million times a day. We are so lucky and blessed! <3

Yay! I’ve been wanting to do this for years and we finally did!

Our local APBT club reformed as an all breed club and it finally was open for new members to join, so we did!

Very happy to help support the club that sponsors and organizes shows in our local area so we don;t have to drive so far to show Toby!

So I decided to actually sit down and seriously try to do some pit bull art tonight and thought I’d share my first sketches here. 🙂

Now mind you, Toby has natural ears … so I’m sort of ad-libbing on the cropped ears a bit – as pictures aren’t the best study material for me.But I think I did okay considering they are my first serious attempts and they are just rough sketches lol.

Sketch 1:
Sketch 1

Sketch 2:
Sketch 2

Not too horrible, LOL!

Toby earned his second leg towards his UWP title today!! He pulled 845 pounds successfully! WooHOOO!

He only fouled out by taking too long at the last weight (935) though he did pull it, it went past the allotted time so he didn’t get the points for it.

He seemed to really enjoy it … but I think I SUCKED at handling him. Am hoping to join a practice group so that we can maybe compete him in weight pulling too, as I most obviously did not have a clue as to what I was doing, and totally need a mentor, LOL!

Hoping to get some pictures from yesterday’s pulling soon! 🙂

Well Toby got his very first leg of his UWP (UKC Weight Pulling) title today … he successfully pulled 595 pounds! He actually pulled 635, but he fouled out on one of the weight levels due to taking too long, and then fouled out again by taking too long for the 635 pounds.

However, even though he didn’t qualify, I had him pull it just to show him that he could, since this was his first time. After all, he had never even SEEN a weight pulling harness, let alone ever worn one, and had never even been at a pulling event … so I think that he did super good considering it was all brand new and sort of just thrust at him lol.

The folks at the event were just great and nice and helpful too, which really made it just a lovely event for us!

And not only that – but had started his CGC exam on Friday,l, but it got cut short due to rain … so we finished it today and now Toby has earned his CGC title too! Now we’ll need to eye that TT title too, and someday that TDI title! 🙂

This video is an endearing and sweet and amazing tribute to the intelligence, loyalty, devotion, and amazing nature of this breed.

Amen. Amazing dogs. I am honored to have one as a part of my family.

He was honored with the “Dog of the Day” by DogTipper.com!!


How cool is that??

I’ve spent a good couple of months building up our Amazon store – finding relevant links and products, and hours upon hours just combing through Amazon to find the BEST links for American Pit Bull Terriers!

We’d love for you to check it out – and if you have any suggestions of things we missed, please do let us know!!

BullyForUs.com’s Amazon store

Frolicking with his cherished stick

Now *that* is much better than what I’m doing now … sitting at a desk … squinting at the bright screens of my laptop and tower pc … cooped up with people that are all high strung cuz of the holidays.

Man … I’d just rather be out in the yard throwing a stick for Toby.

Look at him – living in the now, loving EVERY second, YES I HAS DE STICK, running full out … giving all he’s got … and just bursting to the proverbial gills with utter joy and happiness.

THAT is life. THAT is living – or it’s what it *should* be.

Right now he’s curled up under my desk, paws twitching, little yips whispered every so often as he prances, dances, leaps, runs and doges whoever he is playing with in his dreams.

Giving it all he’s got I’ll bet too.

That’s my boy.

I promise you one thing … as soon as I can get my fat butt out of here, I’m going to go home and throw a stick or toy for my Tobster, you betchas!


Is that SANTA???

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Toby says: “Thank you!” 🙂

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